Thanks for visiting Antonio’s Gift Card Store.

If you want to pick up a gift card from the restaurant you can choose one of the following:

  • Come to the restaurant downstairs and go the the Cashier Desk. They will make one for you while you wait. (5 minutes)
  • Call the office (407)645-5523  and Ask to speak to Pat M-F 10a-5p. She will have one ready for you the next day and you can pick it up at the cashier desk.

If you want to purchase a gift card online that we mail directly to you or someone at another location Click Here. The cards will be processed and mailed within 24 hours. Our gift cards are physical cards that we place in and envelope and mail to you or another person at another address. If purchasing multiple gift cards to be mailed to multiple addresses you will have to do each one separately for mailing purposes. Thank you for shopping with us.

Online gift cards for mailing only click the image