Penne with Green Olive Sauce

Prep Time

5 Minutes

Cook Time

8 Minutes


Serves 4


Most ingredients are available in Antonio’s Market!


1 lb Penne Pasta
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 tbsp Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grated
2 oz Goat Cheese
1/4 cup Green Olives, Pitted
Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Method of Preparation

1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.
2. Cook the penne until al dente, drain and reserve 2 tbsp cooking water.
3. In a food processor, combine the olives, cheeses, olive oil and 2 tbsp of the pasta cooking water.
4. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Pulse just to combine.
6. Transfer to a bowl.
7. Add the hot pasta to the sauce.
8. Toss well and serve immediately.

Recipe Source

Italian Cooking and Living Magazine, February 2004 Issue