Gorgonzola-Walnut Puff Pastry Shells

Prep Time

15 Minutes

Cook Time

15 Minutes


Serves 12 Shells


Most ingredients are available in Antonio’s Market!


1/2 cup Whole Milk
12 ea Walnuts
8 oz Goat Cheese
8 oz Gorgonzola
12 ea Basil Leaves
4 ea Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Packed in Oil, Drained and Roughly Chopped
12 ea Puff Pastry Shells, Frozen
Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper, To Taste

Method of Preparation

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Arrange the puff pastry shells on a baking sheet and place in the oven.
3. Bake until golden brown, remove from the oven and set aside to cool.
4. In a blender or food processor, combine the goat cheese, gorgonzola and milk.
5. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Puree until smooth and creamy.
7. Transfer the mixture to a pastry bag.
8. Pope into the puff pastry shells.
9. Garnish with the basil, walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes.

Recipe Source

Italian Cooking and Living Magazine, January 2014 Issue