Duck Breast with Roasted Pears

Prep Time

10 Minutes

Cook Time

40 Minutes


Serves 4


All ingredients are available in the market!


2 ea 1 lb Magret Duck Breasts Halves, Boneless, With Skin
6 ea Garlic Cloves
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
2 ea Pears, Halved, Cored and Cut lengthwise into eighths
1/4 cup Dry Marsala Wine
2 tbsp Honey
Fine Sea Salt

Method of Preparation

1. Pat duck dry and trim off any excess fat.
2. Pierce skin of duck all over with a fork, then score the skin to allow it to become crisp.
3. Sprinkle cinnamon over skin-side of breasts.
4. Press 3 cloves into the scores of the skin.
5. Let stand, covered and at room temperature for 15 minutes.
6. Remove garlic cloves and discard.
7. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
8. Season duck with 1/2 tsp of salt.
9. Heat a large skillet over high heat.
10. Once it is very hot, place the duck skin-side down into the skillet and reduce heat to low.
11. Cook duck, removing fat from the skillet, for 20 minutes.
12. Turn duck over and cook for about 5 more minutes or until an instant-read thermometer inserted in the center reads 125 degrees F.
13. Transfer duck to a plate, skin-side up.
14. Add pears to the skillet and stir to coat with remaining duck fat.
15. Place the skillet in the oven and roast for 10 minutes.
16. Add wine to the pan and return to oven for 5 minutes.
17. Using a slotted spoon, transfer pears to a plate.
18. Add honey and juices from plate with duck to skillet.
19. Warm over low heat, stirring just to combine, then remove from heat.
20. Slice duck and serve with pears and pan juices.

Recipe Source

La Cucina Italiana Magazine, November 2012 Issue